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Quality control at Gomab starts with the selection of raw materials. We use only the best, certified grade 1A wood from sustainable sources: FSC-certified Nordic polar pine and PEFC-certified European wild oak. For surface treatment, we use natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as UV water-based paints and bio-oils. We guarantee sustainable and first-class products. High quality is also respected for smaller components: the fittings come from leading German manufacturers. For consistently consistent precision and quality, the manufacturing process is automated in many areas. Each Gomab piece of furniture is additionally checked, improved and refined by hand.

Wood – a natural material

Our pieces of furniture are made of solid wood. To ensure the dimensional stability, we use only selected solid woods. These are glued from bars to furniture panels, whereby the typical wood structure, which makes the piece of furniture only alive and beautiful, is preserved.

Wood is a genuine natural product and not a uniform or homogeneous material: the life story of a tree is characterized by characteristic growth traits such as drawing, structure and color; every tree, every piece of wood has its own unique characteristics. No tree is like the other, everyone is as unique as a human fingerprint. Each of our solid wood furniture is unique for you.

Characteristic of this naturally grown material are color and structure differences (light and dark areas), adhesions, irregularities, bruises, branches, hair and cross cracks and tensions (rotation), which vary depending on the type of wood and the growing area. These are authenticity features that give the wood its natural beauty and make every piece of furniture unique. Wood-related “mistakes” are repaired and refined in the common ways of the trade. Complaints in these cases will not be recognized, since function, use, value and durability of the furniture are not affected. Please consider this naturalness also in the care of the furniture, so that you enjoy the pieces for a long time. Make sure you have a pleasant indoor climate.

For indoor use, the average annual humidity is 45 to 55% and the temperature is 18 to 23 ° C. The wood reacts to fluctuating room temperatures and humidity – also seasonally conditioned: there is distortion, shrinkage or appearance of fine hairline cracks. However, these have no effect on the life of the furniture.

Avoid direct sunlight or strong artificial light, as it yellows or fades like a “sunburn”. However, you will never be able to achieve 100% protection against color changes as the wood “lives on” – it’s structure, color and volume changes throughout it’s life.

Definition solid wood furniture & solid wood

Not every piece of wooden furniture offered on the market is an actual piece of solid wood. For a piece of furniture to be solid, concrete requirements for the wood must be met. The DIN 68871 (furniture designations) specifies: A piece of furniture is solid wood furniture if all parts – except the rear wall and the drawer bottoms – are made of a type of wood and not veneered. Since furniture with veneered chipboard or fiberboard is also being advertised as “real wood”, goods testing foundations rightly point out that the valuable “solid” should not be confused with “real”.

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Carefully selected materials and high quality details
Solid wood furniture with top quality

For our solid wood furniture we only use certified wood (PEFC & FSC). The class 1A material comes from sustainable forest management in Central and Northern Europe. We attach great importance to particularly high-quality workmanship in accordance with old workman craft tradition and use durable fittings from leading manufacturers.

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