The optimum room climate for solid wood

Solid wood is a “living” material that can change with large variations in temperature and humidity. Since only well-seasoned woods are used for our furniture, this effect is kept to a minimum. Function and usage are by no means limited. However, solid wood furniture should under no circumstances be exposed to extremely dry heating air, excessive or too low room temperatures and high humidity.

Humidity & solid wood

Wood, as a natural material, constantly absorbs moisture and releases it again. Therefore, furniture should not be exposed to extremely high or low humidity. For indoor use, the average annual humidity is 45 to 55% and the temperature is 18 to 23 ° C. The wood reacts to fluctuating room temperatures and humidity – also seasonally conditioned: there is distortion, shrinkage or forming of fine hairline cracks. However, these have no effect on the life of the furniture.

Light exposure

Strong artificial light and especially sunlight changes surfaces, especially wood surfaces. This type of “sunburn” causes natural woods to turn yellow and bleach stained woods. It is essential to protect your valuable furniture against the effects of extreme light, as 100% protection cannot be achieved due to the material. Sunlight changes all materials! Therefore, special care should be taken in bright rooms with many windows. There, curtains or blinds should be closed in case of direct sunlight, otherwise surfaces will become lighter or darker after just a few weeks depending on the type of wood. In lacquered furniture, the wood grain can get more prominent due to excessive exposure to light.


Solid wood is a “living” material, and various changes in wood depend on many external factors. However, these are very difficult to influence by humans! For this reason, any changes that do not affect the functionality and life of the furniture, are no reasons for complaints! Irregularities, such as small cracks, slight depressions or bruises, small branches, discoloration or inclusions, are authenticity features. For all woods, boughs are repaired and smaller branch outbreaks expertly waxed. Color differences between different pieces of furniture are possible. All this is unavoidable with solid wood and therefore does not constitute a reason for complaint.

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For our solid wood furniture we only use certified wood (PEFC & FSC). The class 1A material comes from sustainable forest management in Central and Northern Europe. We attach great importance to particularly high-quality workmanship in accordance with old workman craft tradition and use durable fittings from leading manufacturers.

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