TV low boards today are much more than just TV low boards! A TV low board that everyone should have is stylish and functional. With magical light effects, great dimming functions via remote for individual lighting control and built-in solutions for wireless functions, so you can create a cozy ambience and order in the living room.

TV board with smart extras

The equipment options are so versatile, there is something for everyone. If your many boxes, cables, DVD’s, BluRay’s etc. slowly take control, then our TV low boards provide space for everything and ensure order! For example, they are equipped with a well-positioned cable management system, which means you can easily hide the cables from the TV and other hi-fi devices. Furthermore, the TV low boards can be equipped, on request, with a small metal switch with LED ring. This makes it easy and reliable to switch the electrical appliances on and off. It is also possible to integrate a Qi Wireless charging station for wireless charging from the mobile phone or a USB plug. The infrared repeater amplifies the IR signals. With that you can bring all your devices down behind closed fronts from the couch. The subwoofer integration also allows the subwoofer to be inserted into your TV low board without affecting the sound experience.

Photos (from top left): Functional panel with soundbar, cable management with power strip and LED switch, wireless charging station for your smartphone (Qi-Wireless), integrated subwoofer in the furniture, USB charging station.

Perfect eye level for watching TV

Anyone who has ever sat in the cinema in the front row probably knows the neck pain that comes after a certain time. So that you can enjoy your home cinema evening relaxed, here is a simple rule of thumb for determining the ideal height. A perfect eye-level for watching TV is the height of your eyes when you sit. The center of the TV should be exactly at this altitude. The TV benches with a height of approx. 70 cm from our series “Nordic Home” and “Göteborg” are the perfect match.

Fotos: TV-Möbelaus den Serien Nordic Home und Göteborg.

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Carefully selected materials and high quality details
Solid wood furniture with top quality

For our solid wood furniture we only use certified wood (PEFC & FSC). The class 1A material comes from sustainable forest management in Central and Northern Europe. We attach great importance to particularly high-quality workmanship in accordance with old workman craft tradition and use durable fittings from leading manufacturers.

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