Benefit from nature and live healthy.

Healthy living with solid wood furniture – this is not just a slogan: Because who brings nature into its own four walls, benefits from health. The natural properties of the wood have a positive effect on indoor climate, home hygiene and air purity.

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Photo: Nordic Home dining

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Photos: The collection Palermo dining, living and sleeping from natural solid natural beech treated with natural oil is especially good for your healthy indoor climate.

Solid wood furniture is good for your indoor climate

An essential feature of solid wood is the absorption capacity of water.

At high ambient humidity, p.e. in the summer months or year-round in heavily insulated rooms, solid wood furniture takes on moisture through their open-pored surface. In dry air, during the heating season for example, the material releases moisture. Solid wood furniture regulates the indoor climate – for a better sense of well-being that is noticeable: a balanced room humidity has a preventative effect against headaches, tiredness, dry skin or irritated eyes.

In a sense, solid wood furniture also affects room temperature. Due to its low thermal conductivity, the furniture wood remains well tempered and releases heat when the temperature changes or cools the room. Abrupt fluctuations are thereby compensated.

Solid wood furniture keeps the air clean

While artificial materials tend to release toxic fumes, solid wood furniture, by contrast, absorbs considerable amounts of pollutants due to its open-pore surface. Wood is an air filter. What applies to forests in nature on a large scale also works in smaller-scale living spaces.

Solid wood furniture improves the living hygiene

Oiled or waxed solid wood furniture does not accumulate much electrostatic, so dust is not magnetically attracted. Allergy sufferers especially appreciate this property because it means less dust on the furniture and improved home hygiene.

Massivholzmöbel sind positiv fürs Raumklima

Solid wood furniture is positive for the indoor climate and for a sustainable, health-conscious life

Gomab-made furniture for the entire living space are exclusively made of solid wood – from the dining room, living room and home office to the bedroom. We use the best FSC and PEFC certified grade 1A timber from sustainable forestry. For surface treatment, we use natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as UV water-based paints and bio-oils. Our products are engineered to maintain dimensional stability and functionality.

With these principles, we guarantee our customers unique, high-quality, low-emission and durable furniture – which is good for health and environment.


Carefully selected materials and high quality details
Solid wood furniture with top quality

For our solid wood furniture we only use certified wood (PEFC & FSC). The class 1A material comes from sustainable forest management in Central and Northern Europe. We attach great importance to particularly high-quality workmanship in accordance with old workman craft tradition and use durable fittings from leading manufacturers.

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